Names Of Flowers

I truly enjoy the sight and smell of beautiful flowers, and I am sure you do too! There are just so many types of flowers out there that it’s hard to figure out what one is best for the purpose you are going for. Not only do flowers have different meanings and purposes, they also have all kinds of names!

Did you know that the meaning of roses depends on its color? I you didn't know that, it actually does make a difference. For instance, the meaning of a yellow rose is “Friendship” – it’s not a rose you would get if you are trying to say “I Love You!”. L earn more about roses and their meaning.

Every state has its own flower, and I didn’t know what most state flowers were until recently. I’m sure you may be interested in the flowers of individual states to. The Alaska state flower is a forget-me-not, the flower of Kansas is a sunflower, Nevada has a sagebrush and the state flower of hawaii is the hibiscus.  If you would like to know more, you should really check out my section on state flowers.

Are you planning a wedding and looking for information about wedding flowers? I had my wedding in December, so it was a very pretty Holiday-ish wedding. Since we wanted to be holiday but not be “Christmas” exactly, we used red roses and white waxflowers in the bride’s bouquet, and white roses with red waxflowers in the bridesmaid’s bouquets. It was so pretty! Learn more about Wedding Flowers for different types of the year at wedding flowers.

Are you looking for flowers for your garden or for a pot in your own home? Check out a wide variety of seeds and bulbs for beautiful flowers at: Flower Seeds & Bulbs

There are many wonderful flowers to choose from: