The Colorado State Flower

Colorado State Flower

As the Colorado State Flower, laws regulate the picking, cutting, or destruction of the flower, which has a rich history in the state.

 Scientific Name

The state flower of Colorado, scientifically named Aquilegia Caerules, is commonly referred to as the Rocky Mountain columbine, yet this lovely flower has many aliases.

In addition to the aforementioned some of them are:

 Geographic Origin

 Description and Characteristics

The spurs and petals of the state flower of Colorado are a shade of violet that almost appears bluish in tint. The white petals centrally located within the flower are a whitish hue and form a cup-like appearance. Most notably, the stamens are long and bright yellow, attracting nectar loving species such as butterflies and hummingbirds.

Cultivation and Care

The Rocky Mountain Columbine can thrive in a variety of conditions. This variety seems to prefer a cooler climate as opposed to one that is excessively hot or humid. The flower can be grown in full sun as long as it is not too hot, but prefers an area that is partially shady.

One of the most important aspects for successful growing of the species is well-drained, evenly moist, fertilized soil. Blooming typically occurs between April and July, but will vary dependent on your region and growing conditions.


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