The New York State Flower

New York State Flower

Ask any woman what she wants for Valentine's Day and she'll almost always say some nice red roses.

Arguably the most popular of all flowers, the rose is the official state flower of New York. It is also the official flower of several other states and the official flower of the United States.

 Scientific Name

The Scientific name of Rose is Rosaceae.

 Geographic Origin

School Children Choose Their Favorite Flower

They took a survey of New York school children on Arbor Day way back in 1890 and asked them to select their favorite flower. The goldenrod came in first, followed closely by the rose.

The daisy was a distant third. They repeated the poll the next Arbor Day and the rose won handily as the favorite flower of the New York children. About 65 years later, the New York state flower was officially designated as the rose.

1955 - The Rose Becomes the Official State Flower of New York

As states are want to do, New York decided it was time to have an official state flower. On April 20, 1955, under Article 6, Section 75, it was put in to law that "The rose shall be the official flower of the state in any color or combination of colors common to it."

 Description and Characteristics

Famous Roses:

Rose has been a popular name in American history.
Following are some famous people with Rose in their name.

More than Just a Pretty Flower

Cultivation and Care

Roses are Red . . .

Roses actually come in many different shades and colors. Some are naturally occurring, but most are hybrids that are a result of years of careful cross-breeding.

Roses can range in color from almost pure white to bright yellow and from a subdued pink to a glorious red. They belong to the Order Rosales and more specifically, to the Genus Rosa.

The state flower of New York can be any of the myriad of colors under the rainbow.


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