The Peonies Flower

Peonies Flower

Peony flowers are perennials. The plant itself stands up to 1.5 meters tall and the leaves are divided into three segments.

 Scientific Name

They are named after Paeon, who is a Greek physician to the gods and son of Apollo. Legend has it that the peony had to be left alone and punished it so whenever it is moved it will not flower for several years. However, once it is established it will bloom every year for decades.

 Geographic Origin

Peonies were first grown in Chinese Imperial gardens in 618 during the T’ang dynasty. From there they were introduced to Japan in the beginning of the eighth century, then to the Western world in 1789. However, the peony didn’t become popular in North America until the 1850’s.

 Description and Characteristics

Peonies have attractive green foliage that reaches up to three inches in height. The peony flower is very beautiful and fragrant. It is usually pink, red or white in color but there is also such a thing as a yellow peony (i.e. the itoh peonies) too. Regardless of their color, peonies bloom in either late spring or early summer.

There are four types of flowers on the North American peony. They include:

The peonies’ leaves are as variable as the flowers themselves and include those with:

Different Types Of Peonies

There are a lot of different types of peonies. Some of the most common types include:


While the best smelling peonies are usually the double pinks, others are also renowned for their fragrance. Some (usually the singles because of their light fragrance) have even been used in perfumes over the years.

However, there are also some peonies that have a rather disagreeable scent. There are also some (i.e. the early hybrids) that don’t have any fragrance at all.

Cultivation and Care

Now you may be wondering about how to grow peonies. You will want to go about planting peonies in the fall. In order to do this you will need a crown with the peony root dangling beneath it. Make sure to dig a shallow hole and spread out the roots.

The buds (they look like potato “eyes”) should rest two inches underneath the surface. These peonies can grow in pots until it comes time for transplanting peonies, which is in the spring. As you can see, growing peonies is rather easy to do.

How To Care For Peonies

Peony care is relatively easy too. You will need to use peony stakes in order to help them stand up straight since their blooms get really heavy, especially when it rains.

It is also important to trim back and dispose of their foliage in the late autumn in order to prevent disease. This is also when you want to place mulch around your peonies, which will then need to be removed in the spring.

 Diseases and Pests

Some of the most common diseases that peonies suffer from include:


The main pests that invade peonies include:


There are lots of different ways in which peonies are used, including:


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Peonies Flower Peonies Flower Peonies Flowers