Roses Flower

The most well-known flower is the rose. This is the flower of passion, the one flower that you give the person that you love in order to display those true feelings.

However, the rose is used for many more things than just as a show of love and passion.

Roses are used in the making of perfumes that are used in soaps, cologne and everything else that a person could dream of having. Of the all the flowers in the flower kingdom, the rose reigns supreme.

 Scientific Name

The rose belongs to the Plantea kingdom, and belongs in the Rosacreae family. The name that defines the rose is the Rosa, however, with each different species of the rose there is another name added to Rosa in order to make the rose distinct. All in all, there are around 100 species that belongs into the Rosacreae family.

The name the 'rose' was given to it by the French and the Latin. However, both of these borrowed from the Old Persian word of wurdi which means 'flower'.

 Description and Characteristics

The rose is something that is characterized by the intense beauty that the flower holds, as well as the symbolism behind giving the flower to a loved one. Some common characteristics that most people state about the flower is that it appears to look much like velvet and it also has thorns located on the stems.

However, when it comes down to it these thorns are not truly thorns, most of those in the scientific world classify these more like prickles. There is a reason for these prickles and that is to guarantee the survival of the rose in nature from being taken over by other vegetation, however, this only applies to a wild rose.

The black rose does not really exist in nature, if fact, those that are referred to as black roses are actually a deep blue and they are only found when genetically engineered in a laboratory.


The meaning of a rose really depends on the rose colors. A common question that most people ask is what do rose colors mean? After all, no one wants to send a friend a rose that signifies a burning passion for that person. Every color of rose that is available has a different meaning. However, all roses are viewed as a thing of beauty and giving one to someone shows that you care. Other meanings, for example:

Cultivation and Care

There are many steps that are needed in order to take good care of rose bushes:

One of the most common types of rose plants to have in a rose garden is the Rose of Sharon, the reason is that it is much easier to care for. When pruning rose of Sharon you must remove the dead branches and shape within the first two years of planting the rose bush. And this care is actually true for all the rose types, as well as old English rose types.

 Diseases and Pests

There are many pests that single out roses. As well as there being many rose diseases. Some of the most common types of pests are and how to get rid of them are:

Some of the most common diseases and how to treat them are:


There are many uses of the rose and its petals. A few examples:

Throughout history the rose has been valued not only for its beauty, but for the many meanings behind the flowers, as well as the uses that the flower. It is no wonder why this is still one of the most popular flowers that people love today.


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